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Animation: Summer in Nature's Heart

Flowering Nature's Future

Many ideas that are not allowed to be said in Holland, will be said a loud in this MultiMedia HyperText Book!
At last Dutch public radio and TV media cannot control the broadcasting of news and social attitudes anymore as they have done so rigidly the past 50 years.
Now we have Internet: Power to the People!
This on-line book contains Multi-Level Realities about the Social Engineering of Consent.

This book may address: agnostics, aggrieved atheists, avant-gardists, bitter biologists, cunning critics, cyberpunks, cyberterrorists, cynical scientists, disbelievers, dissidents, devilish deviants, eco-desperados, ecological extremists, environmental activists, evolutionists, freethinkers, 'freischwebende Intelligenz', heretics, lyric writers, movie makers, nature nourishers, neo-hippies, philosophers, protest singers, rational rebels,rogue elite, sad song composers, silent subversives, tantalized truth-seekers, or vigorous video-artists.
So, all who struggle against mainstream of mental conditioning for a variety of reasons.

By means of Reverse Engineering I try to reconstruct Dutch cultural phenomena of the 70's and 80's. This way I hope to recreate those reversed sociobiological vectors that lead to inhibition of human reproduction among a lot of adolescents. The sole purpose of this devilish plan is to save Nature from worldwide eradication caused by Human OverPopulation.
Please, spread the word especially among developing countries. Certain continents, such as Asia, Africa and South America, have an exponentially booming human population growth, that will leave no room-for-living for other life forms. STHOPD Mass Extinction of BioDiversity!
Start the STHOPD-Revolution and help me cause a Paradigm Shift in the Evolution of Nature and the Manifestation of Reality. So read this practical philosophical manifest carefully and experience how it will touch your life in ways you have yet to dream of ...

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